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Do You Want to Retire Early?

Do You Want to Retire Early?

| April 02, 2024

❓You want to retire early, before turning on Social Security benefits. How do you fill the gap between retirement and Social Security?

➡️With some guidance and a plan.

😣It can be a tough transition to go from receiving steady paychecks to portfolio distributions.

Especially, if you're retiring early and self funding retirement for a few years before Social Security/Medicare.

😁We know how to do it. I've lost count of how many retirements we worked on with this exact situation.

It's arguably the most sensitive time in your retirement, the early years. That sensitivity is compounded by the fact that portfolio distributions will be higher in the early years.

⚠️Mistakes and missteps can be unforgiving.

🗺️The point is this: A goal (early retirement) without a plan (professional guidance) is just a wish.